Fat Girl Food Experience!

One of the reasons I love my city is because the amazing variety of food that’s available to me at any given time. Though we were late to the game on food trucks, there was always the super “secret” food spots or random white van selling chicken and waffles (that no longer exists, unfortunately).

Today I got to experience the University of Winnipeg’s “backdoor” sandwiches, which was advertised via Twitter yesterday, and is served out of the back door of the University of Winnipeg’s cafeteria building.

Today’s offering was a Banh Mi piled high with 3 kinds of pork (bacon, a second cut of pork, and pork pate), tons of veggies, red pepper spread, and topped with a generous serving of cilantro (which I normally despise, but you cannot eat Banh Mi without cilantro).

Eating this was as close to I have ever come to a religious experience. It was delicious, filling, full of competing textures and flavors without being overwhelming, and best of all, it was even kind of healthy. The soda choices available complimented the meal (Ginger Ale and Mango Lemonade).

I will be keeping an eye on Ben’s Twitter (twitter.com/ChefUofW) to make sure I catch when the next backdoor sandwiches is on. If you live in Winnipeg, I would highly recommend you do too. Maybe I’ll see you there!

(PS. This was so much food I only managed to get through HALF. I’ll be eating this for dinner tonight, too :)

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