It’s time for another backdoor lunch review!

I missed the last few weeks of backdoor because I’ve either been sick or promised my lunch hours to someone else, but I’m glad I made it back for this week!

This week’s offering was meat on a stick, which is always good for summer. You could choose from bison, chicken, or portabello mushrooms. I chose the chicken cause it’s always a gamble for me to eat red meat and survive the rest of the day.  It was served on rice and a fresh salad and topped with cucumber something and spicy mayo and tomato relish I think? Plus fresh herbs from the U of W garden and cashews because texture.

Have I mentioned that backdoor’s creations are beyond amazing? The combination of textures and the spicy mayo mixed with the cool cucumber and the delicious, tender chicken and fresh herbs was delectable and intoxicating. So much so that all the ladies I work with circled around my desk to check out what smelled so good. The fresh salsa and salad were crispy but not in that weird vegetable way that I usually hate, and the rice was a nice pallet cleanser between each mouthful.

All in all, every bite delicious.

If you want to join me next week, The Illegal Eater will be down filming the awesomeness that is backdoor, so come check it out, eat some good food and maybe you’ll get famous? Drop me a line if you want to hang out!

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