SORRY NOT SORRY THAT I’M BLOGGING ABOUT FOOD AGAIN. I just want some original content on my blog and I’m still not strong enough to be doing photo shoots yet so I mean, what’s the next best thing to blog about?


The gorgeous hunk of meat you are looking at above is from a new local joint called Market Burger. And when I say local, I mean that in the most literal sense- local meats, veggies and cheeses, home baked breads, and hand-made everything else. I opted for a chicken burger with Bothwell Maple Smoked Cheddar, and two kinds of bacon, while Rachel chose a juicy beef burger with smoked old cheddar, garlic mayo, sauteed local mushrooms and a fried farm fresh egg on top.

Besides having way too many options to choose from (those were picked off the build your own burger menu, but some of the ‘pre built’ burgers included a butter chicken burger or the mac’n’cheese burger), there was amazing sides (we got frings- HUGE onion rings and delicious thick cut fries), and your choice of local beers from Half Pints or the daily special drink, invented by the bartender of the night (we just had waters).

When you think of chicken burger, generally you get a hunk of processed chicken breast on too much mayo with iceburg lettuce and watery tomatoes, or a whole chicken breast that’s been “smoked or bbq’d” or whatever and has no flavour whatsoever.

My burger was the exact opposite of that. Fresh ground chicken mixed with herbs and spices and grilled to be tender and juicy and flavourful. The cheese was sharp and sweet, and the bacon was crispy and not greasy. The bun was soft and fluffy, not crumbly, and didn’t fall apart all over itself. The fries were perfectly cooked and tasted like real potatoes, not over processed or salty.

For dessert I had a chocolate chip cookie from a local bakery that was chewy, delicious and not over sweet.

If you wanna know how Rachel’s meal was, you’ll have to go to her blog and ask her!

But if you don’t believe me, head down to 645 Corydon and try for yourself. Next time I want to sit on the patio and try the poutine!

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