Boobs boobs boobs boobs lotta booooooobs. I outgrew my bras again recently which is totally frustrating and exhausting. The places here that stock “larger” bras don’t really sell anything with molded cups past a 38G, so anything that I could buy in the city made my boobs look squished down and awful, so I was super excited to go to a Lane Bryant in Fargo to check out their bra selection and see what they could do for me.

(Photo #1 is the Fargo Lane Bryant bra section, which is actually twice the size of what the photo shows)

I was greeted by Erin who’s mistrust of the measuring tape, and knowledge of cup shape blew my mind. We talked about what I needed my bras to do- cleavage cleavage cleavage! and she was so excited to meet a customer that didn’t want to minimize anything. It took two tries to find the perfect style of bra for what I wanted (THAT’S IT???) and she was able to pull me what I needed (a beige and black daily bra). Then she pointed me to the $16.99 rack and showed me the bras that would have the same effect as the ones I had picked out, but were CUTE BRAS in MY SIZE! (Photo #3)

She rung me through and once the total came up I was SHOCKED. My total came to $115 for 5 bras and 3 pairs of panties. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!?! I was so excited I had to show my savings to you guys. (Photo#2)

All in all, my first Lane Bryant experience was amazing and I’m super happy with everything that I got. Thanks to Erin at the Fargo Lane Bryant for being super awesome and knowledgeable about boobs and bras and helping me pick out bras that fit and make my boobs look amazing.

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